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Once the realization of the previous post settled into my psyche, I began to have mental cows. 

Sure, most of the first 10 pages were backstory, but those pages were actually frontstory because they were what the character was actually thinking and feeling as the story began.  The experience and story of the first 10 pages were true to who the character was, they were true to her life, they were true to her past, they were true to her experience and to the unfoldment of her day.

You see, Sarah has been a real person to me since I began writing her story over three years ago.  She came to me as a whole person.  Yes, along the way I've discovered more about her, but the essence of who she is, her personality and her aliveness, hasn't changed a bit.

So, the whole process of writing her book for the last 3+ years, has been a process of recording her story and being true to the truth of who she is.  And in the last...

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A while back, I was trying to figure out what ties all my books together. I was trying to figure this out for two reasons: 1) general curiosity about what makes me tick, 2) beginning of an attempt to form some kind of marketing strategy.

Why the marketing strategy? Because my first manuscript is a paranormal romance, my second book-beginning (not full manuscript yet) is futuristic science fiction, my third book-beginning is contemporary category romance (if you don't know what it is, don't worry about it, other than it is distinct from everything else), my fourth book-beginning is young adult, my fifth book-beginning is alternate-universe contemporary SF, and my sixth book-beginning, which is my 2nd manuscript is historical erotica.

To summarize, since I intend to finish all these books, I write in every genre but horror, thriller and mystery. This leaves me in a serious marketing quandary. Publishers want an author to write in one genre so they can...

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I’ve known for several months that I’ve been fighting this edit, but I didn’t know what I was fighting, how I was fighting, or why I was fighting. What I did know, was that I had to figure these things out before I could stop fighting.

At lunch today, I told a friend about my frustration. And bless her heart, she put up with me trying to figure it out, and helped me put words to the answers.

And, to all the guys reading this, forgive me the analogy. You probably won’t “get” it, but I hope you get a little of it.

I had four kids, the last two were born at home. Besides that, I’m a homebirth midwife and during my training I attended almost 70 births. So I find the analogy of pregnancy and birth useful for explaining many thought processes, especially creative processes.

While my friend and I were talking, I brought up my experience with a birthing chair, both as a midwife and as a birthing...

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I hit a brick wall. Wham! A solid brick wall.

And I've done it with every book I've tried to write. Somewhere between 10k and 12k words into every story, I hit this wall.

With my first novel I did--somehow--manage to get past this point and finish the book. But it was so long ago that I don't remember how I did it. I do know that there were several times that I quit writing, then picked it up again many months later.

But I can't afford to do that any more. I need to make my living writing and this is the third book in the last year that I've had hit this wall and not been able to get past it.

Then I read a book yesterday, "No Plot? No Problem" by Chris Baty, that talked about this problem. He talked like most writers, at least new ones run, into this problem:

After the initial rush of the new story, it comes to the point that it's time to do the actual work, the...

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